Exciting Exchange News! Kumamoto University Short-Term Exchange Program is designed for full-time 3rd year foreign undergraduate students of universities that have a student exchange agreement with Kumamoto University. Here is the steps to apply on Kumamoto University Short Exchange Program.

Before registering, please read carefully the guide files “02 (Undergraduate) Guideline for Short-Term Exchange Program.pdf” which is attached as follows.

If you have met the requirements written in the guide, So according to this guide, here are the registration steps:

  1. Fill in the CoE form STEP JASSO UNDERGRADUATE Oct 2024.xlsx file correctly and completely. Change name file in the format “[Brawijaya University] (Your Name) Application Form for COE.xlsx”
  2. Fill in the Application form STEP JASSO Undergraduate Oct 2024.xlsx file correctly and completely. Change file name in the format “[Brawijaya University] Required Documents for Short-Term Program Students.xlsx”
  3. Send these two documents to Mr. Data or Mrs. Tirana no later than April 18 2024 because We must check your documents first.

Below are the documents.

Registration for this exchange student cannot be done independently. Interested students are asked to
send the documents to Mr. Data or Mrs. Tirana. Later we will select and send all registration documents from FILKOM UB.

There is some additional information that needs to convey regarding this program :

  1. Participants in this program will receive a scholarship of 80,000 yen / month. However, please remember that participants must bear the costs of flight tickets, accommodation, food, health insurance and other living expenses while in Japan. Based on experience, this scholarship of 80,000 yen / month is enough to cover the costs of accommodation, food, health insurance and other living expenses while in Japan. Perhaps what participants need to consider is the cost of flight tickets from Indonesia to Japan which must be borne by the participants themselves.
  2. The “Certificate of Enrollment” and “Academic Record” (transcript) documents can be requested in the academic section of FILKOM UB (Building F, 1st floor).
  3. The “Health Certificate (KU format)” document can be shown to the UB Clinic. Tell them that you need a health certificate in this format for student exchange registration purposes to Japan (usually UB clinic staff already understand this).
  4. The “Certificate of financial support” document can be your or your parents’ account book with sufficient balance to prove your ability to pay for Japan.
  5. Make sure you have a passport when registering for this student exchange.
  6. All documents submitted must be in English, including the “Certificate of Enrollment” and “Academic Record” (transcript) documents. So you have to ask FILKOM’s academic department to make the document in English.

For FILKOM UB Students, if students wanted to know more information, please kindly ask the contact person below :

  1. Mahendra Data, S.Kom., M.Kom., Ph.D. (mahendra.data@ub.ac.id)
  2. Tirana Noor Fatyanosa, S.Kom., M.Kom., Ph.D. (fatyanosa@ub.ac.id)

Please submit required documents to the person in charge of overseas study programs/mobile at your home university. Your documents should be uploaded to the specified URL. Please note that KU does not accept documents or reply any inquiries submitted directly by applicants.

(1) Submission Deadline Friday, April 19, 2024 by 5 PM JST (Application documents must be uploaded to the specified URL no later than above date) 

(2)Where to Upload International Student Office Kumamoto University