Break into the world of quantitative finance and participate in WorldQuant BRAIN’s 2024 International Quant Championship—our flagship competition and have the opportunity to represent Indonesia and University of Brawijaya at the Global Finals in Singapore this September.

What’s International Quant Championship (IQC) 2024?

The International Quant Championship is a three-stage, team-based competition running from March to September 2024. Using WorldQuant BRAIN’s simulation platform, International Quant Championship participants accumulate points by building Alphas* using historical market data and predefined operators to simulate equity positions.

* WorldQuant defines “Alphas” as mathematical models that seek to predict the future price movements of various financial instruments.

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Registration and Team Formation: 19 March – 15 May

Stage 1 – University Round: 19 March – 20 May

Stage 2 – National/Regional Finals: 28 May – mid July

Stage 3 – Global Finals: September in Singapore

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Join our classes about quant finance research and modelling

  • Webinar series: 
  • Time: Every Thursday at 8PM (GMT+7)
  • Topics:
    • 28 March: Introduction to Quantitative Finance & WQBRAIN
    • 04 April: BRAIN basics & write your first alpha on BRAIN
    • 11 April: Fundamental & model datasets
    • 18 April: Price volume data & CHN region
    • 25 April: Q&A session

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WorldQuant BRAIN ( is a web-based simulation platform by WorldQuant which provides its users 100,000+ data fields, technology, and free learning resources to build Alphas and other quantitative finance algorithms.